Here at Maelstrom Hairdressing we are passionate about creating the perfect look and style for our clients.It’s one of the more exciting aspects of hair styling.Whether its managing greys or creating the up to date fashionable and trendy looks we have it all covered.

On your first visit to us,we like to spend an extra 15 to 20 mins for a proper assessment of your hair.During this time we will talk to you about your lifestyle,your current hair care regime, previous history on hair treatments.We like to know how much time are you willing to invest in day to day styling.This information is critical for us to create the perfect style tailored to your needs.

Regular clients do get a consultation on every visit, we strive to deliver and exceed your expectations consistently. Please do let us know if there is anything that may have changed as its important we have all information to ensure the quality of service is kept up to standards.


Colour Retouch - 40 min$95
Colour (Short Hair) - 45 min$115
Colour (Medium Hair) - 50 min$135
Colour (Long Hair) - 60 min$150
Bleach Retouch - 50 min$115
Full Bleach (Short Hair) - 70 min$140
Full Bleach (Medium Hair) - 90 min$160
Full Bleach (Long Hair) - 90 min$200
Toner (Short Hair) - 20 min$45
Toner (Medium Hair) - 20 min$50
Toner (Long Hair) - 30 min$65
Partial/Comb-Through Colour$55 +
Foils ¼ or Scattered Foils - 35 minFrom $65
Foils ½ (Top and Side Only) - 50 minFrom $130
Foils (Full Head) - 70 minFrom $165
Colour In-Between Foils - 20 min$80
Creative Colour ( e.g Ombre, Balayage etc )work by quotation
Colour Correctionwork by quotation


Please note that colour is a very wide range and prices are indicative. We discuss the cost prior to your appointment and if there are any additional costs required we will notify you. Blow wave with a colour service is $25.00, this includes blow wave with a brush or straightening with GHD. GHD curls or styling outside the scope will incur additional charges. Your stylist will discuss this with you during the consultation.